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¡Ciencia y tecnolgía!

Clubes de Ciencia México 2016
@Guanajuato - Jul 31st to Aug 6th
Language: English

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The information reaches our brain through our senses. Have you ever wondered how it is that humans and animals see our universe? And the robots? The vision of robots is not a product of biology but of human design. Based on ideas of Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004, Frank Wilczek, we will learn about the biology of vision and color space. By computer programming, we will learn to transform images from how we perceive them to how them would be in the perception of some animals. Furthermore, we will learn about electrical circuits, logic (also multi-valued logic!) and its relation to the senses, since hearing and smell are multi-valued logical systems. Finally, along the club we will discuss some interesting topics: could technology help animals see better?, what's up with synesthesia?, and others.

Theoretical Goals:

  • Understand the wealth of sensory information that we, as humans, do not access naturally, but that we can be accessed through the use of technology.
  • Understand how the concept of dimensionality is a powerful tool for thinking about the representation of information.

Practical Goals:

  • Low level: Come to recognize the availability and usability of circuitry (including light sources) and of high-level programming languages. Learn, through use, the basics of both.
  • High level: Use circuits and programming to go from abstract ideas about expansion of perception to physical realizations.


  • DAY 0:
    (Sunday, July 31st)

    • Inauguration: Clubes de Ciencia México 2016 in Guanajuato.
    • Clubs/instructors presentation.
    • Integration activity for students.
  • DAY 1:
    (Monday, August 1st)

  • DAY 2:
    (Tuesday, August 2nd)

  • DAY 3:
    (Wednesday, August 3rd)

    • Café de Ciencia at Foro Inundación.
  • DAY 4:
    (Thursday, August 4th)

    • Posters presentation.
  • DAY 5:
    (Friday, August 5th)

  • DAY 6:
    (Saturday, August 6th)

    • Closing: Clubes de Ciencia México 2016 in Guanajuato.
    • Clubs' work presentation at Auditorio General de la Universidad de Guanajuato.



Clark Alexander, PhD

Visiting Professor at DePaul University


Rodolfo Ferro

Undergraduate Student at University of Guanajuato.