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💻 ML Engineer @ Zetalabs S.L.
👨🏻‍💻 Google Dev Expert in ML
👨🏻‍🏫 Sherpa Digital de IA para Microsoft MX
🚀 @futurelabmx co-founder


Rodo is a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer at Zetalabs, Spain. He also collaborates with Microsoft México working as a Digital Sherpa in Artificial Intelligence. Currently a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, he has served as a research assistant parto of the Nationa Consortium of Science and Technology in Mexico (CONACYT) at CIMAT, working with deep learning applied to industry. He is a former summer intern at Harvard, working on AI for quantum chemistry topics back in 2017. He is a winner of the #TFWorld TensorFlow 2.0 World Challenge 2019.


Rodo es Machine Learning (ML) Engineer en Zetalabs, España, y labora para Microsoft México como Sherpa Digital de IA. Actualmente Google Developer Expert en ML, ha sido asistente de investigación CONACYT en el CIMAT, en temas de deep learning aplicado a la industria. Realizó una estancia de investigación sobre IA en Harvard durante verano de 2017 y es ganador del #TFWorld TensorFlow 2.0 World Challenge 2019.

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