M220P: MongoDB for Python Developers Course Completion Confirmation 🍃

- 10 mins

So… Yeah, I’ve completed a MongoDB course for Python developers from the https://university.mongodb.com/ website.

This means I learned the essentials of Python application development with MongoDB. We used Flask and other Ptyhon technologies.

What I learned

This course taught me you how to use MongoDB as the database for a Python application.

I played the role of a back-end developer for a Python application, and my job was to implement the application’s communication with MongoDB. This includes:

What I built

I built the back-end for a movie-browsing application called MFlix.

Using the Pymongo driver for Python, I implemented MFlix’s basic functionality. This includes basic and complex movie searches, registering new users, and posting comments on the site.

I also added more features to the MFlix application. This includes writing analytical reports, increasing the durability of MFlix’s connection with MongoDB, and implementing security best practices.

Technologies used

The stack of technologies used, including MongoDB platforms were:

Personal thoughts

This was a very useful course, I definitely would recommend it to any Python developer. A very nice thing I liked about it is that it really focuses on the application of theory on a set of very fun challenges to create a movie web application. Even the way to get the keys in order to keep unlocking and advancing on the course contents is awesome.

Now I want to use MongoDB for every Python project I’ll be working on, and host my MongoDB in the MongoDB Atlas. 🌱

Rodolfo Ferro

Rodolfo Ferro

With great power comes great responsibility.

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